_2.  Well when I left home
My mother said, son
Go into the world
    God a-mighty now
But don't go wrong.

3.  And so here I sit
In a world without pain
While the Nectar God
    God a-mighty now
Well it flows in my veins.

4.  (see music)

5.  Well the green leaves of autumn
They fall from the floor
And inside is outside
    God a-mighty now
And I can't find the door.
_6.  Well you ask what's a blues
Well I'll tell you if I can
It's a ten dollar woman
    God a-mighty now
And a five dollar man.

7.  I got the blues in my coffee
And I got the blues in my head
If I die in the gutter
    God a-mighty now
Well at least I'd be dead.

8.  Well I don't like living
But I don't want to die
Cause if I was dead
    God a-mighty now
Well I'd miss gettin' high.

9.  (see music)

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