_Then go down to Jackson, Mississippi
But not if your skin is brown
'Cause even though it's a pretty big city
Thinks like a Southern town
And if you're a so-called white agitator
Then all you'll meet is hate
'Cause they think you're a nigger-lovin'
    Yankee invader
Come to wreck their sovereign state.
_Then go down to Neshoba, Mississippi
Where the Klansmen rule by fear
And if two dead hadn't been white in
Then the woudl would never hear
For who knows how many have died in
    the Delta
And how many lives have been lost
Only the people who live in Mississippi
By the light of the flaming cross
__"'Mississippi' has already gained a fair amount of fame in Boston, Philadelphia and Washington.  Phil Ochs heard it when he was at Brandeis and suggested I send it to you.  I am 18, went to Brandeis for a year.  I've sung at hoots at Cholmondeley's, at the Gilded Cage in Philly, and on numerous demonstrations.  There are no chords on the song because I do not -- as yet -- play any instrument.  I make the rhythmic sound with whatever is handy, usually two sticks of some kind." - Charyn Sutton.

Kamal Hoagland
11/14/2013 12:18:46 am

I'm Charyn Sutton's son, Kamal. you quote my daily kos dairy above. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this page! I didn't have a copy of this sheet music.


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