_A strong chord variation would be to capo the first fret and play "G/A/D/Em/G/A/F#m/Bm/Em/A/D/Em/A/D."
_Bill Everett provides this about the meaning of the word "bracero": "According to Random House, the word entered the written English language in 1915-20 from Spanish, literally meaning one who swings his arms, i.e., a laborer. Its English meaning, according to the dictionary, is a Mexican laborer admitted legally into the U.S. for a short period to perform seasonal, usu. agricultural, labor."
_Hup, two, three four marchin' down the street,
Rollin' of the drums & the trampin' of the feet,
The general salutes while the mothers wave & weep
Here comes the big parade, don't be afraid
The price is paid, one more parade.

So young, so strong, so ready for the war
So willing to die upon a foreign shore
All march together, everybody looks the same
So there is no one you can blame, don't be ashamed
Light the flame, one more parade.

Listen for the sound and listen for the noise
Listen for the thunder of the marching boys
A few years ago their guns were only toys
Here comes the big parade, don't be afraid
The price is paid, one more parade. Refrain:

Medals on their coats and guns in their hands
All trained to kill as they're trained to stand
Ten thousand ears need only one command
Here comes the big parade, don't be afraid
The price is paid, one more parade. Refrain:

Cold hard stares on faces so proud
Kisses from the girls and cheers from the crowd
And the widows from the last war cry through their shroud
Here comes the big parade, don't be afraid
Price is paid, don't be ashamed, war's a game
The world in flames - so start the parade.
Come and take a walk with me thru this green and growing land.
Walk thru the meadows and the mountains and the sand
Walk thru the valleys and the rivers and the plains
Walk thru the sun and walk thru the rain

Here is a land full of power and glory
Beauty that words cannot recall.
Oh her power shall rest on the strength of her freedom,
Her glory shall rest on us all.

From Colorado, Kansas, and the Carolinas too.
Virginia and Alaska, from the old to the new
Texas and Ohio and the California shore
Tell me, who could ask for more? (Cho.)

Yet she's only as rich as the poorest of her poor
Only as free as the padlocked prison door
Only as strong as our love for this land
Only as tall as we stand. (Cho.)

But our land is still troubled by men who have to hate
They twist away our freedom & they twist away our fate
Fear is their weapon and treason is their cry
We can stop them if we try. (Cho.)

_Christmas shoppers shoppin' on a neon city street;
Another Christmas dollar  for another Christmas treat.
There's satin on the pretty dolls which make the children glow,
While a boy is walkin' ragged in the cold Kentucky snow.

No, they don't have Christmas in Kentucky.
There's no holly on a West Virginia door;
For the trees don't twinkle when you're hungry,
And the jingle bells don't jingle when you're poor.

Electric toys and plastic men are workin' oh so fine
But there's no work or the miners when machines move in the mines.
In the dark hills of Kentucky there's one gift that may  be found
It's the cold dust of forgotten days that's lyin' on the ground. (Cho.)

Let's drink a toast to Congress and a toast to Santa Claus
There's no Santa in the  chimney when there are no minin' laws.
And back in old Kentucky they're all goin' for a ride
On a Christmas sled that's fallin' down a jobless mountainside. (Cho.)

Have a merry merry  Christmas and a happy new  year's day.
For now's a time of plenty and plenty's here to stay.
But if you knew what Christmas was I think that you would find
That Christ is spending Christmas in the cold Kentucky mines.  (Cho.)