Category: - Folk City
_I've got news of the very best kind,
about troubles that are falling behind
about people that used to be blind
Till they opened up their eyes to see.
It's News - when they begin to ask why
They're poor Until the day they die.
They're Tired - of the pie in the sky
And they want some security.

And that's news, news, ain't that news?
Ain't that something to see?
That's news, news, you  talk about your news
That's mighty good news to me.

I've got news about some ordinary men
They heard it preached time and again
To be patient and grateful, A-men,
And "Don't agitate around here!"
They argued & they talked it around
And they woke up & here's what they found:
Their voices made a mighty big sound
Till they didn't know the meaning of fear. (chorus)

In Hazard they're meeting at night,
Organizing, and doing it right,
And planning for a hell of a fight
And they sure don't aim to lose.
In New York the tenant's said, "No,
The slumlord ain't getting our dough,"
They're fed up & I want you to know
That's the very best kind of news. (chorus)