_I got a Form from my Draft Board sayin' this is what to do.
Fill out this Form if you want to be a conscientious objector too.

Because I know there's got to be peace - Peace on Earth some day.
But Peace don't come from war, you see - We've got to find another way.

Well I waited for five long months thinkin' it's the alternative for me
But they gave me military duty and they gave it in the 1st degree.

Now I do love, I love this land, and Freedom is God-sent
But when it comes to killing men, I won't do it for any government.

I'm going to tell my draft board that they don't have the right
To make a man go to war -  go to kill and fight.

Now the army teaches a man to go to war and kill
If I have to go to jail, God knows that I will.

Now they jail a man for murder because it is a crime
But if you don't kill for the Army, you serve the same prison time.

Some people are building them fallout shelters, but I don't know what for.
Where are they going to get something to eat after a nuclear war?

Now the moral of this here song is plain as day to see.
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, to be or not to be.